Monday, June 5, 2006

Where do I sign?

I've been dying to get my basement finished and decided to check out the Owens Corning Basement Finishing System. What a frickin joke. They came and gave a three hour presentation, then wrote up a quote for $28,000. $28,000. That had to be said twice. That's to finish 750 square feet over three days of labor. Let me put that in perspective. A few years ago I spent $38,000 for: four months of labor, new glass block windows (~9), new vinyl windows (~20+), the entire first floor redone in dry wall, a new kitchen and bathroom torn to the studs and rebuilt (including fixtures, cabinets, plumbing), new light fixtures/outlets/switches throughout, and a new main 220v panel with new romex runs. Suffice it to say, Owens Corning won't be getting a call from me anytime soon.

Other than the quote nothing new is really going on. I'm still digging my new job. I've got a new toy coming at the end of the week: a Dell Axim x50v. I can't wait to mess with it.

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