Saturday, September 30, 2006

Credit cards are the devil

I hate credit cards and the companies behind them. I opened an American Express account a month ago and did a balance transfer in at 0% for 12 months. All I had to do was spend $100 on their card within 90 days. No problem! Done! Next thing I know, a month later I get an e-statement saying payment is due... IN 5 BUSINESS DAYS. Oops! Didn't get payment there fast enough! Darn! Rate went to 15% overnight. Screw them. I am pulling out every dollar I owe on it out of savings and paying it off next week. They will never see another dime of interest or fees from me. In fact, I plan to fully abuse the card priveleges by using it then paying it off in full every month and getting the cash back on purchases.

To top it off, on this very same day, a new credit card with a $10,000 limit shows up out of the clear blue sky from another company. Who? What? Come to find out some store branded card I had like five frickin years ago dumped my info to this company who then jacked up the rate and available credit and issued a new card without even asking if I wanted it. It said "you can dispose of your Marta card!". What the HELL is a Marta card?!?! I told them they can cancel the store card AND this new card and asked for proof of cancellation in writing. I don't care what closing accounts does to my credit score... I hate having open accounts that I haven't touched in 5-10 years (long forgotten by me) floating around on my credit report.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Yay! Mrs. Pac Man!

Woohoo! I just won a Mrs. Pacman Tabletop on eBay! Damn straight it's a waste of money. I collect those things and think they're freaking sweet for some reason. For $55 bucks shipped I can't go wrong, considering the average price for the damn thing is usually $75 plus shipping. I just couldn't resist. Yah I'm a computer nerd/dork, so what?

In other news, I took an Ohio Carrying Concealed Weapons course, passed, and received a valid permit. Since I haven't lived here for five years consecutively I had to pass an FBI background check first (which I did). I find it amusing (annoying?) that after spending ~$150 in courses, ~$100 in equipment, and ~$70 in government fees that they provide a permit that bleeds ink and must be kept in a paper sheath! Are they serious? I almost want to email them a link to websites selling Eltron printers for under ten grand. For the uninformed, Eltron printers are the same style/brand used by the DMV to print drivers licenses.

At work, I've been instrumental in refacing an NRA website (which as of this writing has yet to go live). I'm also in the process of migrating a major client's site from Microsoft .Net v1.1 to v2.0 as well as a graphical reface. It's been fun considering it's my first full blown v2.0 project. I'd mention the client by name, but they're supreme court lawyers and I don't know the legality of doing so... so... yah ;) Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved