Thursday, December 9, 2004

This Christmas sucks

So yah... two weeks until Christmas. My power window on my car goes out, and I need a transmission fluid change. $600 bill. Sweet. Then I get pseudo-quasi-maybe-dumped. Then to top it all off my car shuts itself off while driving on I-90 yesterday (for no apparent reason). Can a brutha get some snow so that it at least feels like Christmas? At least a new toy is on it's way to work to amuse me.

Favorite software of the month:
  • BitTornado - Mmmm, for free file goodness. I use it with this site.
  • FxCop - FxCop is a code analysis tool that checks .NET managed code assemblies for conformance to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines. It uses reflection, MSIL parsing, and callgraph analysis to inspect assemblies for more than 200 defects.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

New toys

I picked up one of those newfangled reduced size SCPH-70000 PS2s today. Total cost to me: ~$24. Electronic's Boutique traded in my old PS2 for $100, then accepted 5 games at $10 each in trade.. basically making the new PS2 "free" for me, save for the $11 in tax. To get the games to trade-in, I simply bought some crappy $2.99 titles from GameStop. Woohoo! I don't actually get the new PS2 until later in the week because of a shortage, but I can live without it for a few days.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

The anti-update

Welp, it's been almost two months, so I figure it's about time for an update to the world famous "page that nobody reads". The .NET classes I took were horrible for the most part. I self taught myself 90% of what was lectured on before setting foot in the door. It didn't help that the instructor didn't know anything that wasn't smack in front of him in the book. I guess the saying "Those that can, do. Those that can't... teach" holds true. So much for taking classes to get ahead. I then proceeded to forget half of what I learned when I went on vacation to Dallas (good thing I'm a quick re-learner, if that's a word?). Ohhhh yah, I went to Dallas for a week, with stopovers in Memphis, Saint Louis, and Chicago. Fun was had by all (all two of us). Does anyone remember this song besides me???

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

.NET and Flash coolness

Well, I'm finally getting around to learning .NET. Starting July 12th, I will be taking two full time, one week each, classes for ASP.NET and C#. Then in August I will be taking a three day class for ADO.NET. If anyone is curious, the training is at this place called Software Answers, Inc. in Akron, OH. The courses I'm taking are on their course schedule page (courses 2124 and 2310, then 2389).

I found another really addictive flash game in my Internet travels. Check it out. The person that made this must have been REALLY bored... but it's cool anyways. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hope they have flood insurance...

Yesterday's storm brought some pretty heavy rain, so I thought I'd go driving around to see what kind of damage was done. I guess they can rename "Canal Road" to just "Canal" now in Valley View. All I can say is I hope some of the businesses pictured here have flood insurance. The guys riding on the front end loader in the last few pictures look like they're having fun anyways. Then again, maybe not?

By the way, I added a few links on the left hand menu for free software that I personally find useful. Being 100% free, I think it's pretty cool to have legit desktop antivirus (AVG Antivirus), FTP GUI Client (FileZilla), and graphical network querying (Sam Spade). I don't care if anyone likes it or not, it's mostly there for my own reference :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


So yesterday I found out what happens when you take a screwdriver and short the terminals on sixteen 16V/12Ah UPS batteries wired in series. It makes a nifty flashy orange light, chars everything around it, and oh yah... spot welds the screwdriver to the terminal before burning the terminal off the battery. This screwdriver was one day old dammit. So was this new battery.
The hit the penguin game (pictured on the right) is the most pointless game I've ever played. Yet, I can't stop playing the damn thing. Check it out. My high score is 320 on it. I'm so dexterous!

Oh, and I must be going to hell, because I can't help but find this video friggin hysterical.

Monday, February 2, 2004


Nuttin' much is going on. I watched the superbowl yesterday. Yay. I wasn't going to post anything, but came across the animated GIF to the right and it cracked me up. If you live under a rock or in an alley and don't know what it is, it's a clip of Janet Jackson gettin' "nasty" during the half time show.

I got a dog from the Cuyahoga County Kennel about a month ago. She's an approximately one and a half year old female pure bred Rottweiler that I named Xena. I uploaded some pictures here, here, here, and here. Beware, they're very high res and I'm too lazy to scale them down, so deal with it (or don't click the links). I also finally got an office at work, so I threw a webcam up there as well as home now, so check the webcam page to see what boring activity I'm engaging in RIGHT NOW! Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved