Thursday, December 9, 2004

This Christmas sucks

So yah... two weeks until Christmas. My power window on my car goes out, and I need a transmission fluid change. $600 bill. Sweet. Then I get pseudo-quasi-maybe-dumped. Then to top it all off my car shuts itself off while driving on I-90 yesterday (for no apparent reason). Can a brutha get some snow so that it at least feels like Christmas? At least a new toy is on it's way to work to amuse me.

Favorite software of the month:
  • BitTornado - Mmmm, for free file goodness. I use it with this site.
  • FxCop - FxCop is a code analysis tool that checks .NET managed code assemblies for conformance to the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines. It uses reflection, MSIL parsing, and callgraph analysis to inspect assemblies for more than 200 defects.

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