Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today started off pretty weird. I woke up and decided to go get breakfast this morning around 9am. While I was out, I thought I'd swing by the Best Buy and Circuit City and laugh at all the nutjobs camped out for a new shipment of Nintendo Wii's. When I got by Circuit City, I noticed there was barely anyone waiting out front. So I asked if they were waiting for the Wii. Yes? Really?! So. Yah. I became a nutjob waiting for a Wii. My ass frozen and an hour later I went in and bought one using a "you froze your ass off, here's a voucher" coupon.

Five to six hours of play later with three other people, this thing is fun as hell! This is by far the most unique and fun video game system ever made. I will not be Ebaying it as I had thought I might end up doing (if I decided I didn't like it).

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yay for time off

I'm enjoying my first day(s) off of work since Christmas. I've been working on a presidential campaign site that had me working both last weekend and New Year's weekend (yes, that sucked big time). Now that I'm off, what do I have to do? Work on two desktop PCs, one laptop, and one Xbox (I mod Xboxes to run SNES/NES/N64 emulators). It seems like I have either no personal work, or a ton.

After I finished working last Sunday, for some brilliant reason I decided to trash my back/legs... er, I mean tear the roof off my garage. It took me five hours to tear off three layers of shingles using my hands and a foot long pry bar. I then spread two 29x19 tarps and nailed down four foot sections of strips to hold it all in place. Did I mention it started raining halfway through the process? Fun! I called a roofing company on 1/8 and am still waiting for them to put on a new roof (they refuse to give a date, and other asshat roofing companies won't even bother to return calls for quotes. Nice eh?). Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved