Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yay for time off

I'm enjoying my first day(s) off of work since Christmas. I've been working on a presidential campaign site that had me working both last weekend and New Year's weekend (yes, that sucked big time). Now that I'm off, what do I have to do? Work on two desktop PCs, one laptop, and one Xbox (I mod Xboxes to run SNES/NES/N64 emulators). It seems like I have either no personal work, or a ton.

After I finished working last Sunday, for some brilliant reason I decided to trash my back/legs... er, I mean tear the roof off my garage. It took me five hours to tear off three layers of shingles using my hands and a foot long pry bar. I then spread two 29x19 tarps and nailed down four foot sections of strips to hold it all in place. Did I mention it started raining halfway through the process? Fun! I called a roofing company on 1/8 and am still waiting for them to put on a new roof (they refuse to give a date, and other asshat roofing companies won't even bother to return calls for quotes. Nice eh?).

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