Friday, June 30, 2006


What is it?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Someone posted a link to this cryptic site on a forum I regularly read. Here is a screen capture. The website has all kinds of weird codes, logs, and counters tracking all kinds of things. It's apparently been up for over six months, but hasn't really gotten much attention until the final 24-48 hours. Nobody knows what it is, but most suspect it's going to be some stupid virual marketing for:
  • A movie
  • A new game
  • Some schmuck hyping a domain to sell it because now its "famous"

The site is getting absolutely slammed with millions of hits as the counter for whatever is going to happen (or not) ends at midnight (an hour and a half from now). Whatever this thing is, it has alot of people's attention.

UPDATE 7/1/2006 12:30am - None of the above. It was some stupid "social experiment" by some guy in Florida. What a waste of time, money, and energy.

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