Sunday, June 18, 2006

Busy weekend

I went to a graduation party out in Norwalk on Saturday. The party was out on what I guess is one of their reservoirs(?). It's pretty nifty getting "out to the country" once in awhile. Free food ain't so bad either ;) I also went to my brother's for Father's day. I hate having "planned" weekends, but at least I made time to install a doorknob plate and paint the back hallway of my house.

In other news, I decided to contact Dell about my piece of crap crashing all the time Axim x50v. Instead of calling them I decided to try their chat support line. It's pretty frickin bad when you can tell *IN CHAT* that the person is in India. Look at a couple of these excerpt lines:

  • 7:22:06 PMVeronica_01102991 Please let me know since how long you have been facing this issue?
  • 7:23:08 PMVeronica_01102991 Please don't worry I will take care of the issue .
  • 7:31:13 PMVeronica_01102991 I am sorry please ignore the above message.
  • 7:31:20 PMVeronica_01102991 Please ignore it
  • 7:34:57 PMVeronica_01102991 Please do not worry, I will definitely take care of the issue and make sure to fix it for you in no time.

  • Who talks like that?!?! After wasting my time telling me to do a soft and hard reset (boy, never woulda thought of that!), then telling me to downgrade my "x30" ROM (I have an x50v and they knew that!), they finally agreed to ship me a replacment unit. We'll see how it goes this week.

    p.s. Idiots are already blowing off fireworks as a write this. Get a life! July 4th is over two weeks away!


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