Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Zoo and stuff

This past weekend I went to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and snapped some shots with my digital camera. For those visually challenged, the picture on the right is of a bear. That place has changed alot since the last time I was there (which I can't even remember when that was). Monkey Island is still there! :) I thought these little guys were pretty cool (I forgot their exact name though).

I also went to the July 4th fireworks display at Tri-C this past weekend. Meh. At least the fireworks at Edgewater are synched up to music (at least they used to be?), and you know when they're actually done. At least two or three times during the Tri-C set we thought "ok, that must have been the finale". That isn't saying that what we were watching was utterly spectacular or anything, but more there'd be several fireworks going off at once, then a long pause before anything else was set off. Maybe fireworks in general just bore me anymore?



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