Saturday, June 18, 2005


Yah yah, so it's been forever since I've updated this site. Sue me. Anyways, most of the BitTorrent links I provided in previous posts are dead, so here are some new ones:

You might notice the site loading a little slower than usual; I had to move it in house due to problems with my previous host.

I finally got my hands on a Sony PSP thanks to my ever wonderful girlfriend (no, not the same person from the post below this one). These things rock. I got Hot Shots Golf, Ridge Racer, Lumines, and Need For Speed for it and can't put the damn thing down. It has built in encrypted (WEP) wireless, and also plays your own MP3s, videos, and JPG slideshows off of an upgradable memory stick. If they put a web browser in this thing I'll be in heaven.

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