Friday, July 29, 2005


After three years of working for the most anti-employee and self centered company that I've worked for in my ten years as a professional IT/IS person, I've finally landed a new job! I will be in a similiar role to what I have always been, which is a programmer, help desk person, and all-around-IT-guy (servers, workstations, T1, VPN, firewalls, etc). The only differences will be two things:
  • It involves some travel (Houston, Norfolk, UK, Ireland)
  • I have the word "manager" in my title
A few words of advice for "little Napoleon's" out there running companies: don't expect quality employees to stick around when you have such draconian policies in place like no tuition/educational reimbursements, no formal reviews, no cost of living wage increases, no bonuses, nepotism taking precedence over qualified personnel, deciding to institute an all-employee uniform policy (and making the employees pay for the uniforms). This isn't 1960. Get with the times.

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