Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice festivals and home shows... oh my!

I recently went to the The Great Big Home & Garden Expo 2010 and the Medina Ice Festival 2010.

The Home & Garden Expo was interesting and all, but I'm not sure it was worth the $11/person (and that was with an online discount) + $6 parking to get in. I wanted to see more futuristic homes for that kind of money. They only had three or four model homes setup and they weren't laid out any different than the nicer stuff you'd see in Home Depot or Lowes for the most part. The link to the gallery above shows some of the outdoor gardens that were pretty cool (and other overall shots).

The Ice Festival was somewhat neat (checkout the pictures in the gallery linked above) but our interest didn't last very long. It took maybe an hour or so to walk around and see everything. The works in progress were very rough and it seemed like they wouldn't be done for hours. While I realize art takes time I don't have that kind of patience when its 28 degrees out. The saddest little snowman ever that was just chilling on the sidewalk was kinda amusing though.

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