Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I have no big updates to speak of right now. I just got back from an uneventful week long trip to Boston for ecommerce software training. Aside from the inside of the hotel and one or two restaurants I saw nothing of Boston so I don't have a single picture from the trip.

Check out my mad pumpkin carving skills on the skull pumpkin to the right. It won't win any awards but not bad for ten minutes of last second work. Several kids commented on how cool it was. I took a pretty cool night shot of all of the pumpkins we had out that you can see if you click the image to the right.

We had a fair amount of trick-or-treaters this year having gone through 7-9 bags of candy. It lasted from 6PM-8PM with the streets being all but empty around 7:30PM.

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