Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tea Party

I just spent the last week in Boston, but it was for software training so I didn't really get to see much of the town. They're so high tech in Boston even their TVs run Windows 98! Not really, but for some reason the hotel's pay-per-view system apparently was down all week and apparently runs Windows 98. The picture to the right came up every time I turned my tv on all week. Click the Win98 TV to see the few pictures I did take in Boston.

The only "Boston" thing I had a chance to do was go to a Red Sox vs Twins game at Fenway Park. It was fun and all, but it being around 99F out cramped like sardines with eight people I didn't know (it was also the first day of training) hampered the experience.

On the way back to Cleveland, my license slipped out of my pocket at the TSA checkpoint. It either fell on the floor or in a plastic bin by the metal detectors. Do you think they'd let me go look for it? Nope. Do you think they'd offer to look for me? Nope. Offer for them or me to go through the empty bins quickly to get it? Nope. What did they offer? "Get the hell out of this federal security checkpoint now or you're going to have a problem" spoke a stubby, bald, and little napoleon-complex prick. To avoid becoming a nightly news headline I left the checkpoint, but returned with a Massachusetts State Trooper to help get my license. The trooper spent about 30 seconds in the TSA office before declaring "I wouldn't go in there, I'd call the lost-and-found on Monday". Something is seriously wrong with this homeland security crap when I can't even get my driver's license back and state troopers are afraid to confront TSA agents.

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