Saturday, June 7, 2008

New! Improved!

I was bored today so I decided to do a little "cleaning" around this site. For starters, I finally got into the 21st century and added an RSS feed (the icon underneath all the left menu items.. and also to the right of this post). I also updated the free software list since some of links were outdated (AVG), some if it just sucks now (Password Corral), and some other free software I've been using for several years wasn't on there (KeePass, Paint.NET, Irfanview, IE7Pro).

I've got a new server coming to replace the dual 800Mhz tank this site has been running on for the past few months. It was only $300 (including tax & shipping) and the specifications blow the current one out of the water: dual 3Ghz Xeons, 2GB RAM (to be upgraded), EIDE controllers (instead of old school SCSI standards) and a functional USB header for external storage.

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