Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So I went to Canada for my yearly trip last weekend. Pictures are here (nothing you haven't seen on most postcards). I think this will probably be the last time I go the weekend before Christmas. People were driving like absolute IDIOTS on the QEW. All Canadians were tailgating over 90mph and merging and changing lanes within inches of each other (also above 90mph...). Eaton Center in Toronto was packed ungodly beyond belief, as were the surrounding streets downtown. So much for a relaxing vacation! I must say that my onboard navigation system kicked ass for getting me around Niagara and Toronto without worry. Map? Whats that? Oh yah, my car also really really likes cruising above 70mph :)

The other day I found two pretty decent BitTorrent trackers that replaced the infamous Supernova site that went down awhile back. These are the four best trackers that I know of:

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