Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winter Sucks

So I now have a car that I actually want to keep around for awhile, which means not just leaving it the way it is for winter. $110 for four new waterproof floormats. Ching. $20 for new wiper blades/arms. Ching. $540 for four new Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 tires, including mounting, balance, and installation. Ching. Ever driven a large rear wheel drive car with balding all weather tires in snow? Yah. I have less than a month to buy a 2005 CD set for my navigation system for my yearly trip to Canada. $200. Ching. I hope to sell the regions I'll never drive in (like California, etc) to make some money back on those.

I think in the Spring I'm going to buy new rims and performance tires so that in the future I can do a fall/spring tire swap myself (or at least save money on tire mounting charges). I bought my new tires off of They were ~$15 a tire cheaper than any place around here (yes, including shipping). Is there anything you CAN'T buy on the Internet anymore?! ;)

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