Monday, July 12, 2010

July is my new favorite month

I just had two pretty awesome weekends back to back. I met an awesome new person who just so happens to not mind taking me with their family out on the lake. We watched the Lakewood and Cleveland fireworks out on Lake Erie for the fourth. I got a few "so-so" pictures while I was out with my Droid that can be seen here.

We also checked out the Bodies exhibit downtown on East 4th. I had already seen it a few years ago in Toronto but that sort of thing is fun to see more than once. I definitely liked it better in Toronto. For one thing, the Cleveland exhibit didn't even have the cut away side view of the pregnant woman (Toronto did). The other two things that were worse about the Cleveland exhibit were: 1) they tried taking a souvenir photo on entering as if you're entering Cedar Point or something and 2) they had people menacingly following you around the exhibit supposedly to "help" you but really there to make sure you didn't touch anything or take any pictures (there were no such people in Toronto).

We then went out on the lake again this past weekend and just tooled around swimming and went up the Cuyahoga river. The tall ships exhibit was also in town so I got some pretty cool pictures of them as well. This time I had my "real" camera which sadly takes better pictures at 3.2mp than my 5.0mp Droid camera. I found out these past few weeks that it's true that the company you keep definitely makes any experience that much better.

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