Friday, August 11, 2006

Loaner Car

Today totally kicked ass. I took a vacation day for no real reason. The lady and I had lunch in Little Italy, I got a haircut and we did some shopping. Best of all, after visiting the dealer and the body shop, I found that for $65 I'm getting: two days loaner bimmers, two car washes, engine inspection, a new aux fan, new fan clutch, two new lift pads, four rust spots removed, and bonding work done on a runner panel. Rockin.

While I was getting the big daddy mobile looked at, I was given a free 2006 325i loaner (see pic on right). The car was pretty sweet, if not a bit small for my tastes. Imagine something the size of a Cavalier with taste, quality construction, and an awsome ride. The neatest thing was the key and ignition/start system. You just insert the little remote into a port and hit the start button. As far as the car itself, the interior was nice, but a bit cramped for my style. I like the roominess in my car ;) I also missed little things about my car, like the onboard nav system and memory buttons for seat/mirror/steering wheel positions. Other than that, I'd love to tear up rush hour with a 3 series, though I think I'd ideally compromise for a fiver. Driving the loaner made me realize I desperately need to adjust the EQs and soundstage settings of the audio system in my car. It sounds like ass compared to the car I drove today.

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